Hazel seems to have an endless supply of interesting games and new ideas and my daughter always looks forward to her therapy sessions which are child centred and fun.They are also extremely well targeted and prepared. Hazel is a caring, compassionate professional who works with energy and enthusiasm.
She is a skilful problem solver and has been of enormous support to my daughter and our family.

Liz, parent – Barnstaple, Devon

Toby really enjoyed his therapy sessions and they became part of his weekly routine at school. Hazel liaised closely with his teachers so they could reinforce the work she was doing and she kept me up to date with work we could do at home. He has ‘graduated’ from her care now and we are extremely happy with how his speech and confidence improved during the time he was working with her. I think Toby would quite like to carry on with his sessions just to spend time with Hazel!

Ruth, Parent – Barnstaple, Devon

Hazel has been a great help to my son who had a course of speech therapy with her. We found Hazel to be well informed and very easy to work with. She has a relaxed but professional style that my son enjoyed and sessions with her were always good fun. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Debbie, parent – Barnstaple, Devon

Having visited Hazel each week through the summer holidays in both 2011 and 2012, both myself and my son could not praise Hazel more highly in her work as a speech therapist. Her therapy skills and knowledge of the relative issues and systems concerning speech difficulties have been so very helpful, whilst her warm and bubbly personality ensured that my son quickly relaxed and made each visit a true pleasure for us both. Hazel was great at quickly appreciating the precise areas of difficulty my son had and developed a well considered approach to tackling them that has clearly shown results. As a mother, I found her skills both insightful and inspiring, and the resources sent home were much appreciated. From Ben’s point of view, speech therapy became a play session where challenges were set, efforts praised and lots of fun was shared, creating the perfect environment so that his confidence grew and his speech improved quite obviously. I would therefore not hesitate in recommending Hazel very highly to anyone feeling their child needs some extra support with their speech. Thank-you so much Hazel

Sara, parent – Barnstaple, Devon

Hazel is a very caring and professional therapist and I would not hesitate in recommending her. My son, Ryan, enjoyed every one of his sessions with Hazel and always looked forward to seeing her the following week. I found Hazel to be extremely supportive even offering advice and help when we went away on holiday and Ryan’s speech became a little more bumpy than usual. Overall, Ryan has made fantastic progress with Hazel’s help and we were both very disappointed when we had to switch to a new therapist closer to home due to work commitments.

Justine, parent – Tiverton, Devon