It is crucial to carry out an assessment of a child’s communication skills before commencing therapy.

An assessment will give you an idea of what areas of communication your child is finding difficult, and what areas he/she needs to work on. It can also help to give you peace of mind if you are not sure whether or not your child is delayed. Depending on your concerns, I can assess many different aspects of your child’s communication, such as

  • Speech production and articulation of sounds
  • Spoken language (vocabulary, grammar etc)
  • Understanding of language
  • Social skills
  • Thinking and Reasoning skills

In order to carry out a thorough assessment, I use standardized assessments, informal assessments, observation, and recording where appropriate. I offer screening assessments for children who have specific difficulties in one area, which are one hour duration and include a summary report. Full assessments take longer and are for children who need multiple areas of communication assessed. A full written report is also provided.

Please be reassured that a young child will rarely feel as if they are being ‘tested’. Alot of my assessment is done by looking through picture books, asking questions and having conversations. A child should never feel under pressure or that they are getting anything ‘wrong’. I try to make assessment sessions as fun and as relaxed as possible. Older children may understand that they are being assessed but there is an emphasis on ‘having a go’ and being praised for trying their best. I always talk to older children primarily about their strengths, and go on to agree therapy goals together. Please talk to me if you have any questions or concerns about assessment.